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End of Fantasy - The FF6 Translation Project

End of Fantasy - The FF6j Translation Project

UPDATE: 7/18/2003
The cat is out of the bag now: ChrisRPG has teamed up with me and is helping me out in completing the reprogramming and reinsertion that can bring the translation from a bunch of text files to the game itself. Thanks to his help, many expansions and relocations have taken place, and the original dream I had when I started this project is starting to shape up at last. No release date has been planned as of yet, so please don't ask me or ChrisRPG when it will be done; such e-mails will be ignored. As well, you will no longer find updates about this project here, as I have joined RPGOne Translations, and dissolved Sky Render Translations.

UPDATE: 4/06/2002
Just a brief update to mention that the fully proofread script (my own proofreading only) is now up. Further progress is delayed until Skeud finishes the ASM work on battle text and relocating the three scripts (main, battle, and second battle).

UPDATE: 2/28/2002
I got off my lazy buttocks and finished the last few short pages of battle script that needed to be translated. Now the translation has passed out of the laborious phase one (translate everything), and moved into phase two (re-format and re-insert everything). I have no idea how long this will take, but can only hope that it won't take almost two years, as did phase one...

UPDATE: 2/07/2002
No real progress has been made. Blame Dragon Warrior VII, my laziness, and other projects. Anyway, I HAVE uploaded a less error-filled version of the main script for your viewing (dis?)pleasure. A note to any proofreaders who ever check my page: please do some proofreading. Or at least drop me a line and assure me that you're still alive/planning to proofread. Thank you.

UPDATE: 12/12/2001
You all knew this day would come... The script has been completely translated! What does this mean? Well, I still have the battle script to translate (which is mercifully shorter), and the reinsertion of both scripts will have to be done in the near future, as well. The project isn't done by any long shot in the dark, but it's quite a bit closer now than ever before. Proofreading will begin on the script soon, as well as translation of the battle script.

UPDATE: 12/10/2001
I just wanted to call attention to the fact that the script is just over 90% translated now. The full script will (hopefully) be done by the 15th. I can't say for certain when a patch containing the script re-inserted into the ROM will be available, though.

UPDATE: 12/05/2001
This update is special. Why? Because I've reached an important point in the FF6 plot (perhaps the most critical plot point; any who have played FF3US probably know what I'm talking about). To celebrate, I have uploaded the 69% complete script (yes, 69%, not 75%), right up to the famous climactic scene we all love (and hate). Note that not all parts of the script that occur early on have been translated yet, since some of the earliest dialogue is at the end of the ROM. Anyway, enjoy...

UPDATE: 11/22/2001
I've hit the 50% mark! Woohoo! In a burst of inspiration, I translated a total of 22 pages of the script today, bringing the completion ratio right over the 50% mark. To celebrate, the halfway done script translation is now up. At this rate, the 75% complete script should be out before mid-December. Let's hope for the best!

UPDATE: 11/13/2001
Since I can probably spare the time, I guess I'll update this section "unofficially" (ie. no UPDATE notice) every week or two with my progress on the script. Once I reach the 50% mark, I figure I might as well post a 50% translated version of the script to replace the 25% version, as well. Just something to look forward to...

UPDATE: 11/04/2001
In the interest of showing progress (you wouldn't believe how often people ask if the project is still being worked on; it is), I have uploaded what I have translated so far of the script. You can access it by clicking on Script Translation below, or click here.

UPDATE: 5/22/2001
Whoops... A few not-so-minor bugs in Beta 9, so avoid it like the plague. :P Ah, heheh... Beta 9a is up now, however, and it lacks those nasty bugs.

Oh, and I'm still looking for an ASM hacker or even just somebody who's willing to make a lucky guess to help me crack the nightmare that is the FF6 Setup menu. If you can help, or have figured it out somehow, please e-mail me. Thanks!

UPDATE: 5/21/2001
In a fit of sheer boredom and frustration today, I decided to make some more modifications to End of Fantasy, and release Beta 9. Yes, a new release! All that's changed is menu text, though. Don't expect too many updates for a while. Oh, and if there are any ASM hackers interested in helping me crack the code behind FF6's amazingly annoying Setup menu options (so that I can expand them), please contact me. Thanks!

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I added two new screenshots of the progress so far.

UPDATE: 5/09/2001
Following my old trend of "don't update for half a year" again, aren't I? Anyway... The FF6j translation is on hold, actually, due to another project of mine. Check it out if you want, I guess. Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting me to be done by now.

Older updates

End of Fantasy is the first serious attempt to translate FF6j (excepting Square's own translation) made so far.

The End of Fantasy Team

Sky Render

ASM Hacking (original VWF code)
Skeud Skeud (Other projects: FF3US French translation)

ChrisRPG (Of RPGONE fame)

ROM Hacking
Sky Render
Skeud Skeud

Proofreading Team
Sky Render
Nathan Alden
Stian Mathisen
Brian C.
Kokiri Kid
David Saulesco
VampyreHunter "D"

What's Done:

Script Translation - 100% (Proofread script posted)
Script Reinsertion - 0%
Battle Script Translation - 100%
Battle Script Reinsertion - 0%
Menu Translation - 100%
Character Names/Classes - 100%
Item Names - 100%
Item Descriptions - 100%
Spell Names - 100% (expanded to 8 letters)
Phantom Beasts - 100%
Large Menu/Battle Text - 100%
Large-Font Text - 100%
ASM Modifications and Enhancements - 50%

Manual - 100%

Newest Screenshots:
The latest menu font.

Early screenshots (the Prosaic Era of the translation):
This was the first font made.And here I tested it out.
The first resizing...And the second menu font.

Semi-dated screenshots (the Pre-Modern Era of the translation):
The second font I made.The first menu hack.
More menu hacking.Skeud's wonderful VWF at work

Recent screenshots (the Modern Era of the translation):
Some of my own Setup menu hacking.Note the new Equip menu text, as well.

Downloadable Patches
End of Fantasy Beta 9aNEW!
End of Fantasy Beta 9
End of Fantasy Beta 8
End of Fantasy Beta 7
End of Fantasy Beta 6a
End of Fantasy Beta 6
End of Fantasy Beta 5
End of Fantasy Beta 4
End of Fantasy Beta 3
End of Fantasy Beta 2
End of Fantasy Beta 1

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